Learn Your German Ancestors’ Occupations

Knowing / learning your ancestors occupation or business (gewerbe) can help you sort out similar or same name individuals in an area and time period you believe your ancestor lived in Germany, before the 1871 unification of the various German provinces.

Here is a link for finding German names of occupations:  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~romban/misc/germanjobs.html

Are You a Wandergesellen?

My Cross Guard friend, John sent info that this past Tuesday, New York Times had a story on Wandergesellen. You say what is that? Here is what the NY Times wrote:

“Wandergesellen,” or “journeymen,” celebrated after an initiation ceremony for a comrade in Germany. The young Europeans follow a centuries-old custom of traveling to gain experience.

Autosomal DNA (atDNA) – Found Genetic Cousins

This morning I met with DNA Matched Cousins. My 2nd cousin once removed and my 3rd cousin both matched through AncestryDNA. I had never met either one and did not know they lived in the same region as myself. A few months ago I wrote to my 3rd cousin [did not know at time] and said that we “may” be related as we have an extremely high confidence level for match. Once we discussed on-line, she scheduled for us and her Mom to meet and discuss our mutual Maternal side relationship. Since the surname we matched on is not used by any of us, we immediately talked about how we connect. So through doing DNA and then talking, sharing photos and same ancestral stories, 3 or more generations back we now are going to help each other discover new facts and take down some “brick walls” in research. All of us are excited and love to discover new cousins and the link to the past.

Serendipity in Genealogy

Awesome when you happen to look at record and immediately find your ancestors.

Tonight I was in Anchion.de and was looking in the Eheregister and immediately selected a time period, then image 100 and then scrolled -bang- there before my eyes was my Maternal 2nd Great-Grandfather Phillip Maas in the 1845 listing.

My ancestors leading me in the right direction. Doesn’t happen often but feels great when it does.