Rates & Categories of Service

Genealogical Research
Rettammel Genealogy Service, LLC offers tailor‐made professional research from obtaining one document to complete and in‐depth genealogical research of your ancestors.

For ancestry research, Rettammel Genealogy Service, LLC will follow recognized and scientific standards of genealogy research. Rettammel Genealogy Service, LLC will conduct research in legitimate sources. However, in some cases it may be that due to wartime destruction registers were lost and a search cannot be successfully completed. In this case, Rettammel Genealogy Service, LLC will contact you and discuss options for proceeding.

Category of Service

1.  Genealogical research of Family
Conducting research in archives, libraries, online checks, reports, correspondence, building family trees, answering questions, etc..
A concise report will suffice (select family members)
Provide a detailed report (complete members of a family)
Developing Charts – Family Tree(s)

2.  Record Searches
Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage)
City Directories
Newspaper searches
Immigration / Emigration research in the Hamburg passenger departure lists
Declaration of Intention
Naturalization Petition
Land records
Military records
Church / Synagogues
Grave sites
Civil / Public records

When you hire me, you get:
• A professional researcher with more than 10 years experience
• Personal service including an email or phone consultation
• An end-product that meets your needs
• Tips, advice and best practices on genealogy research techniques

Rates & Categories

$50.00 / an hour

  • Doing Genealogical Research at archives, libraries, county buildings (i.e. Register of Deeds), doing office work (reports, correspondence, answering questions, etc.) and making a family tree chart(s)
  • Lookup Record Search Requests, (request is precise for vital records or public record that are already identified by client with clear citation)
  • Miscellaneous costs: photocopies, archive fees, search fees by governmental agencies, civil certificates, postage, certification, etc.
    charged at actual cost
  • Travel Expense – Car Mileage (for certain research projects)
    0.56 cents a mile

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