Some Steps to Successful Genealogy Research

Good reminders

  1. The Objective
    • Identify your question or questions.
    • What will your search strategies look like?
    • Break down the objectives into smaller, focused mini-goals.
  2. Sources you want to Search
    • List Record Groups that may help answer your research question.
    • List specific sources to search within record groups.
    • Locate Repositories holding the sources, are they at the archive or library?
  3. Search the Source
    • Have a research log – Note all results – positive and negative.
    • Copy raw information or obtain a copy (certified?) of the original document.
    • Record the source citation data (very important to due at time of research!).
  4. Review and Analyze the Information
    • Evaluate the Information (you need to do this).
    • Record the findings in notes or a database or excel sheet.
    • Determine next Steps (there is always more we can do, plus new sources open up).
    • Oh the possibilities
  5. Repeat the Steps above.
  6. Don’t forget to also look at those experts in the field that have been able to answer research questions with thoughtful analysis and evidence. They are our guides to being successful.

Some Steps to Successful Genealogy Research

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