Tell your story

One of the interesting aspects of being a Genealogist is hearing clients’ stories and learning about their ancestors in time and place.

I recently was at my favorite coffee shop doing some admin work for my Genealogy business and had the privilege of sitting next to person who is writer-storyteller with a focus on nature. As we happen to say hi and share space, I learned about their interest in family history and storytelling. I took the opportunity to explain how creating a family story is such a reward and benefit for those with interest in history. As we talked, I also asked if the person would be interested in networking and possibly giving a talk to my local genealogical association. We ended by exchange of business cards with intent to followup with each other soon.

I share this as a reminder that genealogy is more than charts and trees, it should be an avenue to create memories or stories. The end result being a booklet you share with future generations. Never too late to start a biographical sketch of one your special ancestors. #findyourplaceinhistory

Tell your story

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