Client Research Project Completed

In late April 2019 a client contacted me about learning more about their Paternal Great-Grandparents, who lived in Madison, Wisc from the 1850s to early 1900s.

Research results successfully met two of the main objectives set by the client.

Some the genealogical source records located, reviewed and analyzed were the following:

  • Burial and Death Records.
  • Marriage Records.
  • Dane County Deeds Index 1835- 1915, at the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS) Archives section
  • Land and Deeds Records at the Dane County Register of Deeds Office in downtown Madison.
  • Pre-1907 Wisconsin Vital Records held at the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS) Library.
  • Newspaper Research Lookups – with the aid of WHS databases held in their large collection catalog.

Today all was finalized and sent to client, including a 20 page Research Report, and electronic copies of documents found to support genealogy findings.

Genealogy Proof Standards were followed to support the results.

Overall with patience, research strategies and use of proof standards learned so far, the project was fun and worth the time.

Client Research Project Completed

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