Great-Grandparents Ursprung & Maas

Pictures of My Maternal Great-Grandparents. Marie Antoinette Maas nee Ursprung, the house she is said to have been born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1879. She came to US in November 1901 through Ellis Island. Settled in Lake Geneva, Wisc. and later in 1937 in Long Beach, CA., where she died in 1952. Also her husband William Maas and a windmill he built for his yard. Still learning more about both sides.

This picture was taken in 1967 by my Great Uncle Karl Maas of his mother’s birth house. Still in process of verification but supposedly in Frankfurt, Germany in 1879. Sure the house no longer exists but possible source information from German Genealogists will help identify, location and family information.
William Maas in early 1950s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at his son Roy Maas house.

Above picture is of a windmill that my Great-Grandpa William Maas built for his yard.

Great-Grandparents Ursprung & Maas

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