Remember: Memorial Day 2018

Picture of Memorial in Village of Lyndon Station, WI. At least 12 of my relatives are listed from Spanish-American through Korean Period of service in Army or Navy.

Picture of my Great-Uncle Henry Wendland, who served in World War. Through reach, he did not make overseas but did die in later 1918 of the flu while in camp. His two brothers did serve overseas, made it back alive but with war injuries and PDSD that shorten their lives and mental health.

Remember: Memorial Day 2018

2 thoughts on “Remember: Memorial Day 2018

  1. Thanks for posting this remembrance for Memorial Day, Bob, both for your relatives who served in our wars over more than century and for all others who will be honored again this Memorial Day. One of my great-uncles served in the Spanish-American War and then the Philippine Insurrection, a horrible, nasty little war about which little is known or discussed to this day, that followed after the US took possession of the Philippines. Other relatives of mine also served in all of our wars right through the present day. I’m glad that you also noted, Bob, the losses of soldiers during the Spanish Flu pandemic, which ravaged the world and laid waste to whole armies on all sides off the battlefield. It was my mom’s uncle who came back from the Philippine Insurrection with alcoholism and PTSD, a changed man forever, she often has told me. Mom will be 100 in a few months, born when the Great War would still rage for two more months. Sometimes when prompted a bit, mom will still recall how she remembers her uncle still so deeply affected by what he saw and experienced 30 – 40 years before…


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