Busy Start for 2018

Two large contracted client projects, prep for future talk to a county society, being contacted by other potential clients for work, fellow genealogy enthusiasts reaching out to me- networking, and doing my goals and plans for 2018.

Plus ProGen Study Work and my Board of Director duties for Dane County.

And…that is just Genealogy stuff. Busy Fun.

Busy Start for 2018

One thought on “Busy Start for 2018

  1. John N. Englesby says:

    Hi, Bob Yes, you sure are busy! Any crossing guard gigs worked in, too? You know, you could be crossing future genealogists! Glad you had that nice vacation, though, out in HI over the holidays. I may take first an Irish and then a Norwegian genealogy course thru UW Extension this spring. That will about cover my heritage…


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