Small Town Memories

While in my parents birthplace location and extended family Wisconsin roots origin, I took a good walk around the small village in lower Juneau County, Lyndon Station. Though a very unusual Summer like temperature (80s) in late September, it was good exercise and also great opportunity to see this town on foot. I have visited here my whole life but today was special, it still is in good shape (with a few bends).

Though not a hot spot for most people, it has a certain charm for those with connections to similar villages across the United States. It was a farming community, had a Train Depot stop for a 100 yrs until 1968, supported small agricultural businesses, and for awhile in 1940s through 1960s a throughfare for Hwy 12 to Wisconsin Dells nearby, to other northern locations for tourism. In 1964 the Interstate to LaCrosse and Minneapolis reached through the northern edge of town and the use of Hwy 12 declined. Passage through this town was not necessary as much.

With the changes in the fabric of small town America, Lyndon Station still has some of the aforementioned aspects but at a slower pace now. It has much history and various characters that once lived here.

It still has charm!

Small Town Memories

3 thoughts on “Small Town Memories

  1. John N. Englesby says:

    Nice story, Bob, about this small town from your past and your relatives past. Lyndon Station’s story sounds a lot like my own small home town’s, as Augusta, WI, declined after the Interstate passed it by, as well…


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