Reading for Genealogical Proof of Standard and Evidence Analysis

Currently reading my next assignment for ProGen Study Group: Proof Standards and Evidence Analysis.

Very timely as my new client’s request has me weeding through a few different DOBs for same name person in Census Records, and other records right now.

My next steps are to put boots on the ground and do an on-site visit to County and town that the subject of my research lived between 1850s to 1880. Church records, land records, possible probate, vital records at Register of Deeds Office and any reference to the surname in this small WI County. 

This project has records (to be determined) that likely are only at the local level, not on-line and in “original source” documentation.  Source Information that is “primary information” and will provide “evidence” of time, place and lead to further origins of discovery with analysis of the evidence I gather.

First order is to prove who is my primary subject of this research. Will the evidence lead to the necessary Genealogical Proof Standard? I need to weigh the evidence at a minimum standsrd level to convince myself and my client that a conclusion reflects the past reality. Multiple sources (reliable) and good documentation of my collection is important in the analysis.

Reference:  Donn Devine, Certified Genealogist, for his article, “Evidence Analysis”, in Manual, “Professional Genealogy”, 2001 by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

Reading for Genealogical Proof of Standard and Evidence Analysis

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