Roll of Honor of 128th Infantry, Company D, 32nd Division in World War I

At least three of my Great-Uncles on my Paternal side fought in battles during World War I, during the Summer and Fall of 1918 in France. One of those Uncles I have featured in articles regarding his service in the 128th Infantry, Company D.  Theodor(e) Rettammel died in March 1919 (at Camp Sherman, Ohio) as a result of disease and wounds (gassed) received in WWI during the battles at Bellevue Farm, August 2 & 3, 1918. Though he is not included in the Roll of Honor in the book I own, The 32nd Division in the World War,  issued by the Joint War History Commissions of Michigan and Wisconsin, copyright 1920, I believe he would be now.

On page 216 of this book starts the Roll of Honor of those that died in the War.  The statement before says the following (last paragraph):

“The casualty lists of the A.E.F. were prepared under the stress of combat, and in spite of efforts to fully correct the unavoidable errors, there are still many mistakes and much missing information. These lists can be made complete and correct only by details supplied by men who have first-hand knowledge of the facts, and these men are requested to correspond with the Secretary of the Thirty-Second Division Veteran Association to the end that our Roll of Honor may finally be made into a full and accurate record.”

In recognition of my uncle and the men of Company D (WWI) 32nd Division on this 4th of July 2017,  I compiled a list of 60 men who in 1919/1920 were listed as dying as result of service during the Great War, 100 years ago.  Any omissions or typing errors on the list are unintentional.

I hope that those who review the PDF document I put together will see a name or even reach out to me so I can learn more about Company D of the 128th Infantry in WWI.



Roll of Honor of 128th Infantry, Company D, 32nd Division in World War I

5 thoughts on “Roll of Honor of 128th Infantry, Company D, 32nd Division in World War I

  1. Lawrence Onsager says:

    My great uncle, Otto Onsager, served in Company D, 128th infantry on the Mexican border and in France during WWI. I have a company picture in Waco TX plus other pictures of Otto during WWI.
    Would love to share info.


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