2 thoughts on “Passenger List from Hamburg to Quebec City – 266 names departing on April 15, 1865 on Keppler Ship

  1. susan lynne schwenger says:

    TRYING to find picture of a ship
    The Hamburg ship Keppler (Kepler)
    MASTER N.J. Jurgens, master/captain, arrived in Quebec, Canada
    on approximately May 25/1865
    – musclow arrived in 1864 – left 15 april 1864 /arrived approx 40 days later IN 1964
    (calculated based on about 40 days at sea) from Hamburg, ermany, with merchandise and a number of passengers.
    The Kepler (spelled with one K in German according to a source) was a 3 masted, square-rigged ship,
    built under special survey by Martin Samuelson, Hull,
    for Robert Miles Sloman, and launched in January 1863,
    666 tons/300; 165.4 x 28.7 x 18.5 feet
    (length x beam x depth of hold); iron construction, 2 bulkheads.
    Master: N J Jurgens, 1863-1865
    1863- Quebec/London
    1863/1864 – New York
    1864 – Quebec/London – MUSCLOW / MUSENLUS
    1864/65 – new York
    1865 – Quebec/London (Rethamel family time)
    1865 – New York / Philadelphia
    On December 4, 1865, she sailed from Philadelphia for Bremen, Germany, but was never seen again. British made ship.


    1. Hi Susan. As of now I have not been able to find a picture of the Keppler Ship that was built in Hull, England in early 1863 for the Robert Miles Sloman shipping line of Hamburg, Germany. If your interested it was a sailing ship (Segelschiff in German) and you might be able to find similar looking ships 3 masted and square-rigged on the internet. Also if you look up the builder Martin Samuelson and Co., you will find some interesting background about him, if your interested. The ship only existed for less than three years so we may never find what it looked like. Best Bob


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