I just had a client who wanted me to locate his great-grandfather, pre-1907 certificate. During my search, I discovered that the record was a delayed birth certificate. Delayed being the important part.

What is a delayed birth certificate? A delayed birth? No

A delayed birth certificate is when home birth or more common, many people do not have a birth certificate. Or it was not a requirement of the state you might have lived in or born in. Many times 100 plus years ago midwives and Physicians who are supposed to file the certificate off and did not. Later, when a person needed proof of birth for a school or a job, they had to apply for a delayed birth certificate. Also a delayed birth certificate could have been during the time when people were applying for social security cards, during WWII and going into the armed services.

So I discovered that the person I was looking for had a DB series number or sometimes called a DS, delayed series number for a birth certificate. 

I did find and order the record from the WI Health Services, Vital Records. It was a birth in 1892, rural county and done in 1942. All this information on location of record source was needed to confirm birth date and also learn parents of birth subject. Client now has 2nd great-grandparent names. Success and learning too.