FYI- Family Tree Maker Users

I received this email from the makers of Family Tree tonight.

“Time to Sync Your Family Tree Maker and Ancestry Trees

Important news for Family Tree Maker software users: Software MacKiev, the company that acquired Family Tree Maker from early last year, will release Family Tree Maker 2017 on March 31. 

Previous versions of Family Tree Maker used something called TreeSync to sync your software with your tree on Family Tree Maker 2017 will use something else, called FamilySync, to sync your trees. As of March 29, Ancestry will no longer support TreeSync. 

If you use Family Tree Maker and don’t plan to upgrade to 2017, you should open the software and sync your trees before March 29. You still can use your old Family Tree Maker after that, but your trees will no longer sync. “

FYI- Family Tree Maker Users

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