Sources Include Explanation Locations
Church Records Baptism early as 1650 Regional Archives
Marriage Evangelical Lutheran in German
Death Catholics in Latin
Funeral Formal union of Reformed and Lutheran occurred in 1817
Old Lutherans -continued Altlutheraner
May find records for other religions a person was in (except Lutheran Reformed)
Civil Registration Birth, death and marriage – required after 1876 Town civil registry
Passenger lists Hamburg and Bremen
Emigration Records Records of recording intent to emigrate State or Regional Archives
Wills May be found as late as 1200 Local Courthouses
Land Records Amtsgerichte (local courthouse) Local Courthouses
Court Records Amtsgerichte (local courthouse)
Census Records Did not become national in scope until 1871 State or Regional Archives
Burgher rolls citizen records kept until 1850; contain name,occupation, fathers name, and hometown City Archives and published
Police Records Town office of registration Town
City Directories date from early 1800s; Ribe and Hennings printed book Regional Archives
Tax Lists began in 14 and 15th century
Guild Books Apprentice 1500-1900; Name, parents,occupation, residence and employer
Military records located where soldier was stationed Regional Archives