Probably like most of you doing genealogy as a business today, your first experience working with or at a local genealogical society (sometimes referred to as a Historical Society) was when you started your own family research. As I have stated at the beginning of genealogy talks my own interest in genealogy began many years back as a teenager spending summers in a small town in Juneau County, Wisconsin where my parents both have roots, dating back to late 1800’s.

 As an adult my real genealogical research began by learning and visiting the county courthouse register of deeds for any vital records. As I made these early visits over 15 years ago I happen to work next to a person who was a local historiographer for Juneau County. This local person was extremely helpful and clarified what the index information meant. We spent a couple hours together going through records, I was proactive in asking about what research she was doing and what tips she had for the local records. I then learned that she was part of the county historical society that helps established genealogists in the gathering of records for family history.