There are many goals one can have in 2016. One goal to think about is, what do I hope to accomplish for my family history project? As a project manager at my job and a Genealogist too, I am asked to have project plans laid out, which include milestones. Milestones are points on a timeline that indicate work parts of a plan are accomplished or expect to be accomplished to meet a goal, like finishing your Family History or some part of it.
So do you have family history project milestones included in your 2016 genealogy plan?  I hope you do.
I know from my own experience that maintaining plans without milestone markers can lead to frustration, or not knowing when one part of project is done before moving to another component. All this can lead to being scattered and not focused on the overall goal. To keep genealogy fun and long lasting, pace your effort or ask for or seek help, such as a professional genealogist.
Happy Holidays.