My Grandpa Orville P Maas


Today, May 26 my maternal Grandpa Orv Maas would have been 101 yrs old. Born in 1914 in Lake Geneva, WI. This picture was taken in the 1930s when in was in the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC).

My Grandpa Orville P Maas

2 thoughts on “My Grandpa Orville P Maas

  1. Nora Heidingsfeld says:

    Hi. Your grandpa Orv was my great uncle, brother of my grandpa, Roy. My Dad (Dion) and your Mom (Gloria Jean) were cousins. I am looking for info on our great grandparents, William C and Marie A Maas. Can you help? – Nora


    1. Hi Nora

      So we are 2nd cousins too. Yes I can help and have information to share. I also have reached out to a German Genealogist to do further research. Is there any specific question you want to know now?

      Best Bob


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