Access to non-married no kids Relatives WI WWII records

28 Apr

Recently I was at Wisconsin Department Veterans Museum looking for my uncle’s World War II records. This uncle served in the Pacific front under the 32nd division. I found out that due to a WI law I could not receive his service records until the last WI WWII veteran has died.

Because this uncle was never married and never had children, there is no living relative to access the records. However he was very close to my family and he was considered a grandpa to me.

As a genealogist you might think I would have known this but as all of us know we always learn something new everyday. So now I continue to figure out how I might be able to get the records, it might be possible through another federal way?

2 Responses to “Access to non-married no kids Relatives WI WWII records”

  1. Joe Hanneman April 30, 2015 at 12:32 am #

    Try the National Personnel Center in St. Louis, the custodian of military records. I was able to get my Uncle Earl’s records from WWII. Typically if the record is more than 60 years old you can get a copy. There is an online tool for making these records requests.

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