Germans in Central Wisconsin: Why move to Wisconsin?

The Rettammels purchased 160 acres in the Township of Orange in northern Juneau County October 1, 1897 from Emma C. and Bernhard Schroeder of Chicago, Illinois for $4,000 cash. At the time, August F. Rettammel was 50 years old with 3 sons and 1 daughter. His first-Louisa Rettammel nee Felix-wife and mother of the children had died in 1890 and his second wife Mrs. Louise Fischer (married August 1892), either had died but I do not know.  I believe that the opportunity to buy land was finally achieved. Like many immigrants the American dream of having your own land to farm was something that August F. was now able to do and since he was at an age when life expectancy was under 50 and  his 3 sons  August age 21 (my Grandpa), Edward 17 and Theordor(e) 11 could have something when he died. The eldest of the family Eva Kehrwald nee Rettammel was married and lived the remainder of her life in Chicago.

Eva Rettammel Kehrwald – My Grandpa’s sister

August 14, 1873 – Feb 25, 1923

Buried: Memorial Park, Evanston, Ill.

Germans in Central Wisconsin: Why move to Wisconsin?

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