Memories of my Dad

One of my first memories of my Dad is when I was in Indian Guides through the YMCA in Racine, WI. Dad was Big Bear and I was Little Bear. We both went to Camp Anakeegee (east of Stevens Points, WI, I believe) in Northern Wisconsin in the winter and stayed in a cabin with other fathers and sons. I remember how much fun we had sledding during the day and then eating meals in a lodge during the evening.

This trip is most memorable because Dad and I won the father and son sledding race competition. I still do not understand how we won because Dad was rather a hefty man at the time, I believe it was his very strong physical frame that won it for us.

The day we won Dad was laying chest-down on the sled while I was on his back. I still can remember how much security I felt when my hands touched his neck and shoulders as we went sailing down the ice covered hill going very fast. I know helping me win that day made him very proud to be a parent.. He enjoyed seeing me smile and happy.

My Dad with his parents circa 1936
Memories of my Dad

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