Hello my name is Bob Rettammel. I have been interested in genealogy since I was 14 years old, while working with my Uncle Art, who brought out boxes of old pictures that were in upstairs rooms of the old Rettammel house. Those days, nearly 40 years ago, brought to life family members on my paternal side that I never met, especially my grandfather August Rettammel. My grandfather died 4 years prior to my birth. That summer I put together an album I still have and cherish so much. That was the start of how I became a professional genealogist.

After 25 years working for the State of Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin – Madison, I made the transition to use the research skills I developed in my professional work and align them with my interest and passion for history and genealogy. My goal has been to balance my core values with my strengths and provide a service that benefits the clients I work with in their search for family history.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and Dane County Genealogical Society. I have visited Europe a number of times including Germany in 1990 (Austria, Bavaria and southern Germany) and Spring 2014 Berlin and Hamburg, In 2014, I visited some German genealogists that continue to help with my own family search.

I have a Masters degree in Sociology from Marquette University. I live in Madison,WI, with my wife Amy, our cats Jake and Ellie,  and our new arrival pug-mix dog named Daisy.

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