Hello and thanks for coming to my website.

I am a Genealogist providing research/guidance for those interested in their family history. I also conduct lectures on genealogy topics, along with case studies of my own experience and lessons learned.  Contact me by email if you need research experience to help learn more about a family member or your family. I also welcome opportunities to learn from others doing research.

Part of this site is a “Blog about the Rettammel family”, my family originated in Prussia (now Poland) and emigrated to the United States in the 19th Century, eventually settling in Chicago, IL in the 1860s before purchasing land to farm in Juneau County, Wisconsin in 1897. Some of the Rettammels stayed in Chicago but my Great-Grandfather, August F. Rettammel (1837-1915), moved his sons to Wisconsin. This is just the beginning.

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